How is Extra Virgin Olive Oil made?

What are the steps to obtain an excellent EVO oil?

The olive tree is typical of the Mediterranean area, that is the reason why the major EVO oil-producing countries are Italy, Greece and Spain.

Even though technology is getting the upper hand over the majority of the sectors of the economy, the extraction process of EVO oil still remains one of the most faithful to its origins. That is due to the tight bond between its great nutritional properties and the exclusively mechanical production process. Indeed, thanks to this mechanical process the chemical composition remains inaltered.


Also the olive harvest, which generally goes on between November and January, requires the use of solely mechanical methods: by shaking the branches, the ripe olives fall directly onto some nets lying on the ground and are then picked by hand. After the harvest the olives are washed to remove the stems, leaves, twigs, and other debris left.

olive harvest


The actual production step consists of the grinding and pressing or centrifugation of the olives. The whole fruit is first crushed into a paste then pressed to help the release of the oil from the vacuoles. According to the modernity of the tools used, we talk about pressing if they belong to the traditional ones and centrifugation if we deal with new ones. Anyway, to obtain a cold pressed oil, it is compulsory that the temperature does not go above 27 degrees.

Estrazione metodo originario

Afterwards, a further filtration step may be required so as to remove any solid traces. Once finished, the oil is then bottled into dark tanks where a final separation, if needed, happens through gravity. The dark color is extreely important to conserve the nutritional characteristics of the oil.

Opera in The Kitchen EVO oil follows the traditional producing steps and is obtained from olives of the coratina variety.

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olive oil tasting in chianti

Source: https://www.oliveoilsource.com/page/extraction-process

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