Cook and eat with Italian Opera

What do you do during the Opera in The Kitchen events? Difficult to say it in one word…

To understand what is behind our experience, we share the article by Elisa, a blogger of Diritto alla meta.

In the classic Chianti, the iconic one, famous all over the world, you can take part in an experience that tickles all the senses: this project is called Opera in the Kitchen and is much more than a cooking class. Why, in a blog that collects my travel stories, I talk about this experience? Because the afternoon spent in the farmhouse in Opera in the Kitchen, immersed in the Chianti countryside, was a short but very intense journey: a journey through the Tuscan and Apulian culinary traditions, a journey through music, a journey into my memories.

What is Opera in the kitchen?

Opera in the Kitchen is the fruit of the creativity of a very bright and talented girl, Lucrezia, who has decided to give life to a project that combines her greatest passions: food and wine and music. The Opera in the Kitchen experience consists of a cooking class that ends with a sunset dinner, accompanied by the melodies of the most beautiful arias in Italian opera. In reality, this definition is really reductive. Lucrezia leads her guests on a journey where all the senses are involved: the gaze is lost in the green of the Tuscan countryside, the hands caress the flour and, as if by magic, turn it into delicious delicacies. And finally, while the sky is tinged with orange, we gather at the table, as on a day of celebration: we eat and drink in taste and we let ourselves be pampered by the sound of the harp and the soft voice of the opera singer .chianti cooking class.

chianti cooking class

How does the Opera in the kitchen experience take place?

Lucrezia, charismatic landlady, welcomed me and the other guests with a great coffee: the best way to break the ice! Soon after, baskets in hand, we went to the garden to collect the necessary ingredients to make the recipes of the cooking lesson: nothing but zero kilometer! We got all the necessary to prepare a dinner with the bows, while an unexpected guest looked at us, camouflaged among the vineyards …

At this point, we have everything we need to get to work: we wear aprons and start cooking. The menu includes an appetizer, a first course, a second course and a dessert: all prepared by the participants! Lucrezia has dusted off the recipes handed down from her grandmother and mother and reinvented them, combining the culinary tradition of her region of origin, Puglia, with the strong flavors of Tuscan cuisine. The menu of our dinner included: a carrot cake, tagliatelle with celery and almond pesto, aubergine parmigiana and, finally, a Tuscan flan with grapes, accompanied by a delicious extra virgin olive oil ice cream.

Cooking and kneading is very demanding, and all those genuine ingredients are hungry! Waiting for dinner, then, Lucrezia has delighted us with an aperitif: prosecco and the typical Tuscan fett’unta. An explosion of flavors and aromas, just as the sun began to set …

After having put my hands in dough, both me and the other participants in the cooking class were very curious to test the result of the lesson: now, I do not know how much it has been our merit, but all the dishes we served were delicious (and very well kept in the mise en place)!

The evening ended with the live performance of a soprano and a harpist: the melody of the opera arias, the reddish streaks of the sunset, and the lights that illuminated the garden created a magical atmosphere.

To see Elisa’s gallery on our experience go to her blog:Elisa POST

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