Opera in the kitchen an Italian Experience

To tell the facets of Opera in The Kitchen we rely on a Veronica, that through a small book of images and text turns the event into a small fairy tale.
To discover the complete article: My small big world – Book

Do you like Italian food? But do you know how to cook it?And … do you love Italian Opera?

Lucrezia, from Puglia, is the creator of “Opera in The Kitchen”. She will welcome you in her house in the hearth of Tuscany for a unique 100% Italian experience… She will teach to you all the secrets regarding how to do and cook typical italian plates before… and then, during the dinner, a real opera concert will be done in the garden at sunset time!

First thing will be to keep the vegatbles KM0, from her vegetables garden!
During her Cooking class, Lucrezia will show you all the passages regarding the instruments to use, how and when with all recipes and ingredients! Oh… and yes… then she will assist you doing the same!

A note…
The dinner is always different
and that evening was:
Starter with vegetables flan
Homemade ravioli
Homemade tagliatelle with Km0 pesto
Tiramisu with peaches

Once prepared the dinner, An aperitive will wait for you In the garden. With Prosecco and her Typical “Fettunta”: Tuscan bread with Her KM0 Extravergin oil.

At the end at sunset… A real Opera Concert will begin in the garden!

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