Opera in The Kitchen meets Raro Villas

Opera in The Kitchen’s collaborations: experience our events in Apulia!

As you know, Opera in The Kitchen was born out of Lucrezia’s memories of a childhood spent in the wonderful surroundings of Apulia, her home.

Thanks to our partnership with Raro Villas, which hosts our exclusive experience in stunning locations such as Corte dei Messapi and Trulli Itaka, you can discover some of the main Apulian culinary traditions and enjoy the blissful atmosphere radiating from the live performance of Italian Opera in Apulia.

Corte dei Messapi

In order to pass down recipes such as ‘orecchiette with cime di rapa’, ‘focaccia’, ‘panzerotti baresi’, ‘pasticciotti leccesi’ and several other goodies like the typical ‘bombette di capocollo’ and the ‘scamorza cheese’ of the Itria Valley, you will attend a cooking class with local moms and grandmoms.

However, the real power of these classes are the raw ingredients! All obtained from organic cultivations, as during our Tuscan experiences, both in Corte dei Messapi and Trulli Itaka you will have the opportunity to collect fresh and seasonal vegetables directly from the vegetable garden and combine them into culinary masterpieces.

Immersed in the stunning surroundings of these luxury villas, the live performance of Italian Opera will be even more unique and unforgettable than ever. Relax at the sound of the enchanting melodies by our soprano singer, while sipping a glass of real Apulian wines such as Primitivo or Negramaro.

Corte dei Messapi

If you are interested in booking your exclusive experience in Apulia, you just need to choose the location.

We’ll take care of everything else! 

Check for availability and contact us or our partner for more information, this could be the perfect way to discover one of the best regions of Italy!


Corte dei Messapi

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