Our authentic Italian products!!

The brand new idea of broadening our boundaries overseas owes a special thanks to our partners!

The first and well-deserved thank you goes to our fantastic hosts, or we’d rather say friends, who allowed us to hold the experiences at their place.

None of this could have been possible without their help and complete availability for both the location set up and products delivery.

You are wondering what we mean by “products delivery”? Before leaving for the States we shipped a whole range of authentic Italian products to the houses where we would have held the events, which otherwise could not have been the same.

Italian products in the USA

The aim of Opera in The Kitchen, as you may well know, is passing on the recipes of the traditional Italian cuisine to international guests. Therefore, without proper raw ingredients, the whole project would have been pointless. In January our staff will come back to the States to explore other wonderful cities and, if you already want to start getting aware about the high quality of what you will be tasting, then you should read below!

When we think about Italy, the first thing that comes to our mind is clearly Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Thanks to Lucrezia’s family’s oil production, Opera in The Kitchen was born under a lucky star, because pure coratina EVO oil can be used all year round. Opera in The Kitchen’s EVO great qualities have already been discussed here.

extra vergin olive oilBut Italy is not only about olives, because another distinguishing feature of our gastronomic tradition is hands-down wine, in all its forms. And here the credit must be given to our two partners, who provide us with high-quality wines.

Amets, which in Basque language means “dream”, is not only the highest Prosecco wine produced in the world, but also the symbol of Sabrina and Marzio’s passion and love for a biodynamic and organic production. For this reason, their Prosecco conveys a sensation of harmony with its peculiar surroundings.

Prosecco tasting in the USA

What would Opera in The Kitchen be without fresh homemade pasta?! A lot of you keep asking us which pasta machines we use during our cooking classes. Marcato Pasta is one of the best Italian labels of kitchen equipment and, moreover, their production is entirely made in Italy! They do not have an e-commerce, but if you’d like to purchase their incredible products just click here.

Italian products in the States

Last but not least, our beloved balsamic vinegar pearls by Acetaia Leonardi. You may have tasted also other brands of EVO oil and Prosecco wine but what you surely cannot miss out on is Leonardi’s mouth-watering production. During our events we always try to use their pearls because they sure are the most uncommon by-product of the balsamic vinegar.

Balsamic vinegar pearls

Thank you to our partners for helping us share Italian food all around the world!

All of these unmissable products can be purchased simply by contacting us!

What are you waiting for?! Order them now so that you can use them during your Christmas lunch!!

italian cooking class in the USA

If you are interested in participating in the next events in January, you just need to gather a bunch of friends and we will take care of everything else! 

Check for availability and contact us for more information, this could be the perfect Christmas gift for you dearest ones!


Italian cooking class in the USA

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