When was Opera born?

Why opera in our events in Chianti?

The Opera in The Kitchen events, as the name suggests, are characterized by a link between traditional Italian cuisine and opera.
Whether it is a dinner or a cooking class, the opera concludes the pleasant experience through the most beautiful arias of the Italian opera.
All this is possible thanks to the soprano singers and the musicians, who with their experience manage to make their performance intimate and familiar.

But when did the opera begin?

At the dawn of the seventeenth century we witness what can be called the first form of melodrama with the Euridice, composed by opera all'aperto in ChiantiJacopo Peri on the pastoral text of the Florentine Ottavio Rinuccini.

Exactly on October 6th 1600, this passionate love story was represented for the celebrations of the wedding of Maria de ‘Medici and the king of France Henry IV.
The wedding was attended by 200 guests, although many expressed disappointment and regret at the lack of value. Nevertheless, the date marks the beginning of the “recitar cantando” that the Florentine Camerata of the Bards had theorized as early as 1573.
This was followed by the Orfeo (1607), the Lamento by Arianna (1608) and the Coronation of Poppea (1643), all madrigals by Claudio Monteverdi, represented above all in the courts of the nobles until 1640, when the first public theaters were born in payment where the dramas for music were represented.
These theaters initially worked during the Carnival and especially in Venice, but then spread throughout Italy and Europe with the eighteenth-century evolution of reciting by singing in opera or melodrama. It was then that the figure of the opera singer became preponderant, sought after for his skill and well paid.



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